Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pictures as Promised

Here are the pictures from the pontoon boat. The first few are of the boys playing "jump in the lake and see if you can catch the ball." They got pretty good at it and even tried back flips, etc
This is how they started. One guy up on the back of the boat and one guy throwing the ball.
This is a great yearbook shot! One thing I learned after 3 years on staff, the best sports/action pictures are the ones where the ball is actually in the picture.
Brooke and Amanda hangin' out in the lake.
Relaxing on some floats.
Ryan and Sarah on the jet skis. It was Sarah's first time on a jet ski. The story ends with her and Ryan flipping the jet ski and having to be pulled back to shore because they couldn't get it started again. In Sarah's words...It was AWESOME! I actually don't know if those were her words or not, but that was the gist of them.

Ben and Tim on Big Mable, the tube that we all got to ride on throughout the day.
The sunbathers.

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Mom said...

Nice! Looks like a fun time.