Friday, August 14, 2009

Let the packing begin!

I'm off to pack my bags for a weekend at the lake. I am so excited to get away with friends for tonight and tomorrow. There will be lots of activities to take part in--boating, jet skiing, tubing, four wheeling, slip-n-sliding, and of course eating (which includes bonfiring and smoring--I know, two words you shouldn't add -ing to, but I did it anyway!)! I don't know how much activity I will partake in. I am actually looking forward to just relaxing. I heard something about a hammock :). That's much more my style! Tonight we are going to have a bonfire with praise and worship and testimonies. I hope it is a time of encouragement in the Lord. And it is going to be PERFECT weather! Mid to high 80s and super sunny, or as the states "abundant sunshine." I'm taking my camera, so maybe I will actually post some pictures since it has been awhile.

Yep, just as I thought, spellcheck did not recognize bonfiring or smoring as words. What do they know?!


Mom said...

Sounds like lots of fun! Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Can you swing by and pick me up on the way to the lake??? I want to go!

Miss you friend.


The Cooleys said...

Hope you had a wonderful time. Sounds like a lot of fun!