Saturday, August 8, 2009

Just a thought

I was going to title this blog "You might be pregnant if..." but then decided that as a single woman who is most definitely NOT pregnant, I shouldn't cause any heart attacks among my friends :). But here's the reason for the title:

After my post about the vivid dreams I have, someone told me that they might get even more vivid when I'm pregnant. Apparently pregnant women are notorious for vivid dreams (which I think I knew of my stepmom and a couple other women I know who have been pregnant). So here is a current list of things I know to be true about pregnant women (Not exhaustive, of course):
1. They have vivid dreams.
2. They have hot flashes or are just hotter all day in general.
3. They have to go to the bathroom...a lot.

Here is what I know about my non-pregnant self (Not exhaustive, of course):
1. I have vivid dreams.
2. I have hot flashes or am just hotter all day in general than other women (and some men too!).
3. I have to go to the bathroom...a lot.

So, here is my conclusion. Either all of these things are going to get A LOT worse when I am pregnant. Or the opposite of all these things will be true. Please, let it be the opposite. Please, please, please! :)


Mom said...

I'm wondering what the dream was about!

Ashley said...

I have found that even when you are not pregnant (but could unexpectedly get pregnant) you will have these things happen and convince yourself that you must be pregnant, spend $8 on a pregnancy test that always turns out to be negative. ha.

Mom said...

I had a wierd dream last night also. Maybe you are rubbing off on me!

The Cooleys said...

Hey Teresa!

Long time! First and foremost your post made me laugh. Yes, those things definitely happen to pregnant women.

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear. I have those exact symptoms and I'm definitely not pregnant. Must just be a woman thing! I sure do miss my bathroom buddy! No one else understands me and my bladder.