Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Little Late

So, after I got back from Georgia on the 27th, this is what I found. My car had been buried in snow. I had to lug my suitcase through the snow and then over this pile that had been plowed behind my car. I survived the clearing of the car but it was not a very "Welcome Home." Now we're anticipating lots of snow through the evening. I've already decided to not rush to work...I might even reschedule my one appointment for the day and declare it a self-proclaimed snow day. We'll see.


Ann said...

Oh what a drag! Sorry to hear it. Feel free to send some of your snow to GA! There is a SLIGHT CHANCE of FLURRIES in Atlanta today, and there are dozens of schools closed. So ridiculous!

Mom said...

I'd be staying home today if I could. Hoping the boss let's it be a 1/2 day snow day! We shall see. Better off staying home than driving in this mess. They don't even have the roads cleaned yet.