Friday, January 29, 2010


Okay, I know it's been a while since I have blogged. I can give you several excuses for this:
1. laziness
2. not having anything to say
3. busyness (which may not make sense paired with number 1, but trust me, it makes perfect sense)
4. craziness in life (see number 3)
5. i would have just complained a lot and was trying not to do that (and am glad I didn't after I read Katie's blog yesterday and gained some wisdom on the subject from her)

So, here I am now on the other side of the craziness for now (I think) to say that I am blessed in the Lord to have people who can pray for me, even when I go to them whining for them to do exactly that! I was able to hold a friend's three month old today and have a "conversation" with him, which always brings my heart joy. I was able to spend time with brothers/sisters in Christ at Bible study last night to discuss Ephesians 5:1-14, which has been my favorite chapter of this study so far. I am looking forward to meeting with a good friend next week to be encouraged and gain some accountability in memorizing some of God's Word. I've had some sunlight to rejuvenate me in ways I can't describe. I've been able to relax with a good book on several occasions this week. I've had some good conversations with my roommate, even though we've both been crazy busy and we haven't been able to watch the Cosby Show in almost a week! Oh, the list could go on about how blessed I am. I'll share more later, but I'm getting ready to eat dinner and see a movie with a friend. Have a great Friday evening!


Mom said...

I was wondering if you would post on your blog now that you are on f/b. I still look at your blog at least twice a day!

Ann said...

I woke up this morning with strep throat, John had an unprecedented 40 minute meltdown, it's cold and rainy, and I was late for work. Just as my head was announcing 'Pity, party of 1!" I thought back to your blog, and decided that for every "woe is me" thought I have today, I would think of a blessing in my life. My mood changed on the spot. I guess the next blessing I will count is a wonderful sister-in-law. :o)