Thursday, November 17, 2011

Statute of Limitations

Is there a statute of limitations on dream content? Because I have had some pretty weird dreams this month. And they've included some memories that I would think would not surface anymore in my dreams. Like, I haven't worked at LifeWay in almost 6 years, but I still have dreams about the store every couple of months. Or how I had a dream about my high school boyfriend. The details of that one are kind of funny, except that it was just weird. I dated him 15 years ago. But, I'll share, because I laughed this morning at the weirdness of the dream. Apparently I was talking to my mom on the phone and she was trying to talk me out of marrying him today. Like, he showed up and I was just going to marry him or something. So, I agreed with her. And then Emily and I were watching NCIS and there was a knock on the door and I asked her to let him in and he came in and made himself at home and we were about to start watching NCIS again and I just plain as day told him that we couldn't get married yet. And he said okay. But then I guess we still wanted to get married fairly quickly because I told him I was worried because Kari and I had been talking about weddings in general and she said that she couldn't book another wedding until the spring (more because she was tired of them, not because there were no days available) and I didn't want to make her do one more wedding if she didn't want to. And then I think I woke up. So, all in all, a very strange dream. Except the part where Emily and I were watching NCIS. That was perfectly normal :). But really, of all the guys I have known or now know, why would I dream about someone I haven't even seen in at least 13 years? All that to say, I definitely believe there should be a statute of limitations on what is allowed into my subconscious!


Mom said...

They say there is always something about your first love. You never forget them....I was going to try and anaylize this dream but since you have your degree in counseling figure you know more than I do! :) I love you Teresa!

Kari :o) said...

ummm... i really don't have many dates available until spring - so you have some time. :)