Monday, November 7, 2011

Sorry for the absence

Unless you didn't miss me. Then I'm not sorry at all. :)

I've been without Internet for 4 1/2 days. But it felt like an eternity. It stresses me out because I don't have access to my email at work. So I feel like people are trying to get in touch with me and I don't know it. The sad thing. 4 1/2 days, not one personal email. Apparently, no one missed me in the email/Facebook realm. But I'll pretend I was missed.

You should probably be glad my Internet was out on Thursday, because my plan was to come home and have a complete meltdown on my blog. Complete with crying and wailing and gnashing of teeth. It was a bad week. But now I'm over it and you don't have to hear about it! Aren't you lucky. If you still want to hear the gory details, just call me or send me an email. I can tell you some good, albeit whiny, stories.

But the one thing I discovered through it all is that McDonald's makes an AMAZING peppermint hot chocolate. Okay, probably not over-the-top amazing, but enough that I've had to refrain from going there and getting some every day. Because I love me some peppermint hot chocolate!

Next I shall blog about all the fun stuff I've gotten to do over the last two weekends. Last week, up until losing Internet, I was too busy to blog. Then when I had time, I had no Internet. So I haven't been able to fill you in on the fun happenings of my life.

And now I shall go find some dinner. :)


Erika said...

ooh, I had me some bad days too last week, and today wasn't much better. I'm sitting here starring at homework wishing it would get done, and dreading another day of teaching.

Mom said...

I missed you! Glad your internet is working again! Love, Mom