Monday, October 31, 2011

I will grin and be happy...I will grin and be happy

Friday is our annual retreat at work. I usually look forward to retreats. Getting paid to sit around and eat food and get to know coworkers better and eat more food. My kind of retreat. So, when I remembered it was on my calendar, I got excited. That is, until I got this email today:

"Just a reminder - Our annual BHS Retreat is this Friday, Nov 4th from 10 - 2 pm at Scott's Prairie. We will be outside for a significant amount of time so please dress appropriately for weather. I would wear shoes you don't mind getting dirty/muddy and be prepared for rain. Also, you won't regret bringing cameras - phones will work just fine."

All of a sudden, I feel a cold coming on. Or, at the very least, a bad attitude. Seriously? Outside? Wear appropriate shoes? Don't forget your camera?

Have I ever mentioned that I don't like 1. team building games, 2. things that might make me look foolish (that people would want to take a picture of), 3. Doing things because someone is making me?

But, now that I have vented...I will grin and be happy. I will have a good attitude. I will not complain to anyone at work. I will look forward to the food portion of the day. And if that's too much to ask, I will only exhibit slight stubbornness.


Ann said...

Ugh! You have my sympathy! I loathe your 1, 2, and 3 too...and it's even worse when they take place in cold, rainy, muddy weather. Blegh! I hope it is more fun than expected!

Erika said...

kind of like when I have to dress up for Halloween, and prefer to be the outcast and just sit back and relax. Ok- so I'm sure those pictures are going to look freaky when they get posted!