Monday, October 3, 2011


I am babysitting for Joe and Ginger tonight, which basically consisted of coming over and putting Taylor to bed and than hanging out by myself. Joe was putting Hudson to bed when I got to the house, so Taylor let me in. She pretty much didn't stop talking until I left her room so she could go to sleep.

"Hudson is Daddy's son."
"When Daddy comes I'm going to ask for more juice. He might give me juice. But he will say I have to drink milk." (funny happened just like that after he came up!)
"My mom is Ginger. My dad is Joe."
"Where's Emily. I can't see her." As I responded to a text from Emily and told her what I was doing.
And than she asked if Emily was big or little. I didn't know how to answer her, so I went with a safe, "She's big like me!" :)
"Do you have a little girl at home?" Me: "No. I don't have any kids." Taylor: "I have a kid." Me: "Who is your kid?" Taylor: "Hudson." Me: "No, Hudson is your brother. He is Mommy and Daddy's kid."
"I'll have to look at my parade candy. I think I'm out of suckers. But if you don't want a tootsie roll, I'll look."
"Why are you reading that book?" As I looked at one of the kids books while I waited for her to go potty before bed.
Me: "Taylor, did you color this picture?" Taylor: "Yes. For Mommy. Maybe she will take it to Cal. i. fornnnn. ia." She added several syllables to an already long word!
And lots of giggles. That girl sure likes to giggle. And talk. And talk! :)

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Ann said...

That is awesome, lol! I love the stream of consciousness that pours forth from kids. :)