Saturday, October 8, 2011

I'm getting too old for this

Game nights are fun. Learning new games is fun. Hanging out with friends is fun. But when a 32 1/2 year old does this until 2:00am, it's fun at the time. I've never been drunk before, but what I felt this morning has to be something like a hangover! :)I slept until 9:30 which was good because I thought I would still wake up at 8. And I had some pretty weird dreams (which I can't really remember right now) but I think at least part of them had to do with Dominion cards. Really it hasn't been too rough. Once I got into the shower, I felt human and haven't been tired at all yet today.

I did also learn that you can easily get through most of the lights in Peoria at 2am without having to stop at! But, when you do have to stop, they seem a whole lot longer because there are no other cars around and it feels a little senseless to sit there and wait.

Thanks Kari for a fun evening...and for talking me into just one more game...and than just one more game after that! And thank you Saturday for nothing urgent on the agenda so I could take it easy!

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