Sunday, October 16, 2011

Update on my update

Earlier today my Facebook status update said " bathroom...making coffee"

Here is the update:
laundry--check (it's even put away, which is a slight miracle!)
paperwork--check--it was the first thing I did to get it out of the way and only took me about an hour.
cleaning bathroom--check--I got slightly derailed by really not wanting to do it. Emily and I watched two episodes of Bones. Than I was way too hungry to clean. Than I had to get my suitcase down. Than I remembered that I had get the idea! But it did get done. Not the best job ever, but I did use cleaning products and cleaned all the essentials.
making coffee cake--it's in the oven and has 25 minutes left to bake.
packing--most of the clothes are in the suitcase, minus some stuff that is still drying. My list of everything else that needs to be thrown into the suitcase is made.

And it's only 7:51.
I am Arizona bound in just over 24 hours! Hooray!

PS. Emily and I can't figure out why our bathrooms can't learn to clean themselves. I mean, they've seen us do it often enough, shouldn't they know how to do it by now?!

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