Saturday, October 22, 2011

Days Three and Four

Wednesday was more of the same...Lunch date with Dad because no one else wanted to go to the dining hall, television with the fam while we waited for everyone to get home from school, and hanging out with the kids after school. I played lots of pool and one once. I lost a game to my dad, which was a given. But the 8 and 9 year olds? Although, that is about the level I play at! Played Ticket to Ride with Daynah, Emerson, and Josh. Went with Dad to pick up Brandon from work. Watched the end of You've Got Mail. Went to bed. I have been going to be earlier here than I do at home. But I'm also waking up earlier than I would at home.

Thursday was a road trip to the Grand Canyon with Daynah and Josh. I've never been on a road trip with just the two of them, so I was a little nervous. They like to sleep and do their own thing in the car. I told Daynah she had to stay awake for me because I wasn't driving 8 hours in one day without someone to entertain me. She did a great job of entertaining me! :) Those of you who know my road trip records, I only had to stop once for a potty break/gas break/food break each way. I was kind of surprised. I think this was also my first experience driving in the mountains. It was all highway driving, so it wasn't difficult, but still new. And kind of weird in someone else's car.

The Grand Canyon was AMAZING! Your first glimpse is really weird. It looks fake and one dimensional. But as your eyes adjust, you begin to see the awesomeness of God's creation. There is a two mile path around the rim that we walked. The kids (although they should have expected it) were rolling their eyes at how many pictures I was taking. But this was also their 3rd trip, and Josh has hiked part of the canyon, so it was all routine to them. We laughed a lot. Josh almost had me crying at one point because I was laughing so hard. I got a huge blister on my foot because I decided it was a good idea to walk the 2 miles in flip flops. Oops...

I didn't bring my cord for pictures and I haven't tried Amy's computer with my card, but it didn't work in Daynah's computer, so eventually I will post some pictures.

Today is more hanging with the kids. I need to get some pictures with the boys. Then they have a carnival tonight.

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