Saturday, October 22, 2011

Grand Canyon Galore (Caution: Many pictures ahead!)

When you see the amount of pictures, you have to remember that they are whittled down from almost 100. Just saying. And they are definitely mostly in reverse order. I didn't plan ahead.Can you spot the Colorado River in this picture? And the white line is a trail that many of the Acres kids and staff hiked.
I just wanted a picture of a bird soaring with the canyon in the background. This is the best I got. Daynah named him Vector. He was a little camera shy.
Just a pretty view :)
These trees were so cool! And soft. We climbed into a lot of them.
These were all along the path focusing on points of interest.
Another cool tree :) With me in it! Getting in was usually easier than getting out.
I like this shot because you can't see that I'm standing on anything, so it looks a lot like I'm floating in the canyon!
Every time I see this, it makes me laugh. The story behind the picture is too long to tell. Let's just say, Josh surprised Daynah and I by popping up like a gopher!
One of my artistic attempts. I love the contrast of close and far.
Sisters :)
My feet hanging over the canyon :) Even though I shouldn't have walked in flip flops, they make a better picture than if I had worn tennis shoes!
Maybe the best self portrait I have ever taken!
Out on a precipice.
Brother and sister. Yes, Josh is taller than me now. Yes, this picture makes it look like he is taller than he is. Yes, I'm okay with it.
Another cool tree!
Daynah doing what Daynah does. :)
Looking out at the canyon.
I almost fell in! They were pretty sharp.
Heehee. Josh was pointing out something from when they hiked the canyon. I don't think I was really listening because I was still taking it in. If you look really carefully, you can just barely see the river in this picture too.
My first glimpse of the GRAND CANYON. Well, not actually. But the first picture I took of the GRAND CANYON.

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