Sunday, August 12, 2012

A birthday photo shoot!

Remember when I told you I had pictures coming from my birthday? Well, here they are. See, the birthday celebration just keeps happening!

First, here are som comparison photos from the last two years of Hudson and I.

So, the day of my birthday, I woke up and decided that I didn't want to shower.  Or put in my contacts.  Or put on makeup.  And then I decided I was going to call Ginger and see if I could come over for lunch.  So, ignore what I look like in these pictures! :)  Ginger and I hung out while the kids took naps.  But she remembered at the last minute that we needed to take pictures, so she woke Hudson up.  This is the result:
Not all that happy.  But we kept trying. :)
Here is an almost smiling one.
And then we tried silly faces to get him to stop crying.  I promise, I don't always look like this! :)
And this is the best we're going to get!  I don't really remember, but I'm sure that right after this he was smiling like crazy.  Because he is just that ornery!  We'll try again next year, Hudson!

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