Monday, August 6, 2012

Fast Forward and Slow Motion

I feel like July went by in fast forward.  But my blog has kept up in slow motion.  Needless to say, I didn't blog much.  I loaded all these pictures from vacation, but they showed up really small and if I make them any bigger they are blurry.  I'm too lazy to try and figure it out.  The month started with my birthday.  I took off half the week and just relaxed and ate a lot :).  Then it was a week of craziness at work while I prepared for vacation.  Here are some of the pictures from vacation.
I got to hang out with the two cutest nephews ever! :)


John learning to boogie board.  I love this picture because it looks like he is catching a major wave, but it's really just the last wave before hitting shore.
The family at the fort.
The multi-tasking aunt.  Hanging  on to the baby so he doesn't fall over while playing on the tablet with John.
I taught John that you can write/draw in the sand.
He made a smiley face. :)
Two Aunt Teresa's!
First time at the ocean.

Then, when I got home from vacation, Dad, Amy, Daynah, Josh, and 7 guys from the Acres came for Mission Peoria.  So, I spent my days at work and my evenings with them.  And battled a cold.  But it was great fun getting to see them and hang out with them.  And meet some new faces to their house.  Here they are:

They left on Monday and then I spent the week staying up too late for the Olympics!  And that continues this week.  So that was my July in a very quick nutshell.  Because it's all the energy I can muster.  And I'm not feeling very eloquent.  If you want to know more details, just ask, I'll share! :)  And I have plenty more pictures where that came from.

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