Monday, August 20, 2012

Did I miss something?

I got a pamphlet in the mail today, addressed to me (not to "the current resident").  On the front in the bottom left corner it said "Important Parent Meeting."  I was a little intrigued.  So I opened it up.  To read this:
Free College Financial Planning Night
Parents, is your child heading to college soon?  Don't miss this free workshop!
And on the back: Here is what parents like you are saying about our FREE college financial aid workshop.

Parents like me?  I must have missed something!  Since when do I have a child who is going to be attending college?!  And where has this child been hiding for the past 18 years?  And what was I thinking having a child when I was 15!  Didn't I know better?  And should I attend this meeting to get this child free financial aid.  Because I can't afford to send a child to college!

Oh...and do I have a boy or a girl?

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