Friday, August 31, 2012

AWANA starts this Wednesday!

Do you know how I know? Well, besides the obvious--I'm a director, so I should probably know the start date!

Here are some of the AWANA related things I have done the past several weeks:
1. Directors' meeting
2.  2 trainings
3.  Staffed the AWANA table at the church's ministry fair.
4.  Scrambled for leaders (still scrambling, in case you are reading this and aren't doing anything on Wednesday nights...)
5.  Cubbies craft night
6.  General organization for the coming year.  But there is one thing I have learned.  In order to organize, you first have to look a little disorganized.  Here is what my living room looked like today:
I just don't feel like this picture does it justice, but it's the only one I took.  The tiny bit of blank space by the couch is where I was sitting.  Surrounded by cards and binders and folders.  And you can't really see all the little hole punch circles either.  The sad thing is, I got up from this and left the house for a couple of hours without cleaning it up.  My mom would have been appalled!  But I wasn't finished and part of the reason I left was to get more supplies in order to organize the mess!  I even texted my roommate to apologize in case she arrived home before I did.  But don't worry, the mess did get organized, the little hole punches got picked up, and the living room looks fairly normal again!

So now we wait for Wednesday! :)

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