Saturday, September 1, 2012

Favorite product dilemmas

Here is the life-altering dilemma I am facing today.

I have a favorite Bath and Body Works soap scent.  Nectarine Mint.  It smells so good.  But they no longer sell it.  So, I have one bottle left.  I've had said bottle for about a year.  I refuse to use it because I know once I use it, it will be gone forever.  But it's not doing me any good sitting in the cabinet not getting used.  Either way, I don't get to enjoy it. What's a girl to do?

It also reminds me of when I was in college.  Parking was limited in our dorm parking lot and all other parking was pretty far away.  So, what did we do?  We got to school as early as we could on Sunday so we could get a parking space and then we rode with someone else all week so we wouldn't have to move our cars!  But, you don't really get to enjoy a close parking space unless you get into your car to drive your car. 

I'm telling you, these dilemmas are life-altering!  My decisions will shape my future! :)

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