Friday, September 28, 2012

More random pictures

 We have a black squirrel that lives in the woods behind our apartment.  He is the first black squirrel that I have ever seen.  I've been meaning to get a picture all summer, but he's quick, so I normally miss him.  Yesterday morning as I was getting ready for work, he was just hanging out in the backyard, so I grabbed my new camera (that I don't have to worry about the battery not working on) and snapped a few pictures before he darted off.  It's kind of funny that just by coloring,  I assume it's a boy :).  I'm studying Genesis in Bible study this year, and we have been focused on chapter one and creation, so I've been noticing a lot more about the beauty of God's creation these past two weeks.  Which means I've appreciated this little guy a little more too.
 I took my camera to a softball game on Tuesday night to play with it some more.  I love sky pictures and am very excited that my new camera captures color so much better than my old camera did.  There is a verse that talks about the heavens declaring the glory of God.  I was definitely able to ponder that thought as I watched the sun set behind the stadium this week!
And another partial color shot, because they are fun to take! :)  And it was my favorite kind of weather...jeans and flip flops!  with my crazy blue-green nail polish.

Happy Friday, everyone! :)

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