Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Another exciting moment in my day

So, I won't say this was the most exciting thing about my day because that would be really pathetic.  But it was definitely a highlight.  I have always loved McDonald's (an unfortunate reality as you get older and don't take off weight as well as you used to).  But the thing I have always disliked about McDonald's is that they don't have paper towels in their bathrooms, only hand dryers.  Hand dryers that don't dry your hands, by the way.  So, this summer they tore down one of the McDonald's in our area and rebuilt a new one.  I went inside for the first time today and had to go to the bathroom.  I was so excited when I entered the bathroom to see to Xcelerator hand dryers on the wall.  I don't mind saving the planet by not using paper towels as long as the hand dryers actually dry my hands.  I was so excited I used the bathroom twice while I was there.  Just kidding.  Well, about the excitement part, not about using the bathroom twice. 

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