Friday, September 21, 2012

Favorite Quotes and Random Stories

Last night I was at a friend's house hanging out before Bible study.  And her 3 year old daughter is very social and likes to have my attention.  She has two place mats, one USA map and one world map.  She brought me the world map and asked me where on the map I lived.  I turned the question back to her and asked her where she lived on the map.  She said, "I don't live on this map!"  Her dad laughed and said, "She's out of this world!"  She then showed me where she lives on the USA map.

Emily came home from church on Wednesday night and shared a conversation she had with her small group girls.  One of them said something about her being 30 and Emily said that actually she was 33.  One of the other girls exclaimed, "That's how old Jesus was when He died!"  Yes, thank you for that insight.  When Emily finished the story, I said, "Does that mean that the last 3 years were our best ministry years?"

Today at work, while we were doing paperwork, one of my coworkers, who was finished with her paperwork but had to be at work until 4 because she was waiting for someone, was playing with play-doh to pass the time (wow, is that a run-on sentence!) said, "I'm really fighting the impulse to pick this play-doh up and throw it across the room or at one of you guys."  We, as any good therapist would, turned it into a therapy session.  We thanked her for controlling her impulses and using self-talk to keep herself from doing something that she should not do and how she could model this behavior in an actual therapy session with her clients.  Well, that was after I yelled, "Do it!!!"  Maybe I'm not such a good therapist.

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