Friday, September 7, 2012

French Toast Friday

I don't know why I always feel the need to talk about when I make French toast.  I usually post something on Facebook about it.  I think it is more of a comfort food than I realize.  I especially like it for dinner.  I think French toast was the first recipe I made when I received my first cookbook from my mom.  I was around 10.  That being said, French toast is also one of the few foods I make that I don't follow a recipe.  I am a recipe follower, even when it's not really necessary.  But French toast is my exception, for some reason.  And making it also reminds me of my dad.  He makes great French toast and for some reason it always tastes better when he makes it.  It is one of my requests when I see him.

Okay, now on to finishing the dishes.  I literally got so hungry in the middle of doing dishes that I stopped to make my French toast.  Now that it has settled, I can continue to do the dishes!

1 comment:

Erika said...

maybe you should get a group together and have french toast Friday. :)