Sunday, September 30, 2012

And also an orchard

When Sara, Todd, Autumn, and I went to Tanner's, we conquered the corn maze!
Autumn and I took a break for a self-portrait.  It was really sunny, so this is not the best picture!
Which way do we go?  Which way do we go?  This was a particularly tricky part of the maze and we were having a difficult time figuring out exactly where in the flower we were.  Again, I took a break from trying to figure it out in order to take a picture.  Usually I am the map reader when I go through the maze, which I still helped, but it was good to have someone else to help with the task.
Checkpoint.  For those of you who have never been to Tanners, the maze has 12 checkpoints that you are trying to find.  This year was similar to last year in that you were also trying to solve a mystery kind of like Clue.  The farmer is missing and you have to figure out what farm animal did it, in what part of the farm, and with what weapon.
Checking out the big map of the maze before starting.  Each of us had a little card with the same map.  And just so you know, the lines are the path! :)  Very important to understand before you go through the maze.
We survived!  And we found all twelve checkpoints.  And we figured out the right clues.  But I can't share just in case you go too!

It was great to have family come and visit.  Autumn requested that next time, I come to their house.  She didn't so much appreciate the 2 1/2 hour drive to come visit me! :)  But she sat by me at dinner, so I think she forgave me.

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Mom said...

Love this post & all the pictures! What a fun day for all of you!