Sunday, March 23, 2008


He is Risen! Today at church we had a wonderful message about Christ's redemptive work on the cross. Christ calls us to choose Him as we live each day of our lives. Pastor Ritch talked about how there is a wide road that many will choose which leads to destruction and there is a narrow road that leads to life. Christ stands at the fork of these two roads. Pastor Ritch made the point that everyone must choose which path they will take. There is no way to avoid this choice. Jesus calls us to the narrow road--a road that may not be easy but one that is full of joy and the promise of heaven. It is also a choice that is made for life. I must live every moment of my life knowing that I have chosen the narrow path. Praise God that He provided a way to Him through His Son. Jesus chose to die on the cross so that we could live eternally with Him! He is Risen indeed!

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Erika said...

Yes! Teresa... it was an awesome service I agree.
Happy Easter.