Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Break Mentality

I am a professional. I am not a student. I do not get Spring Break any longer : (. However, I do work with students every day. Most of my clients are on spring break, so I inevitably feel as if I should be on spring break also. But I can't, so I just opt to go through the week with a spring break mentality. Here is how I accomplish this:

Phase 1: Take a mini-vacation. I am taking Friday off.
Phase 2: Try not to work late hours. Since I can see my clients during the day because they aren't in school, I don't have to work as many late evenings.
Phase 3: Do something irresponsible. I watched a movie Monday night, thus foregoing doing much needed paperwork and going to bed later than I should have.
Phase 4: Think Spring: I have worn short sleeved shirts for two days now even though it has been slightly cold each day. I have also limited the amount of time I wear a coat.
Phase 5: Do as little as possible. I have attempted to not fill my evenings with lots of stuff, but to relax and enjoy the evening.


Ashley said...

I hear ya T. I am trying so hard not to be annoyed at these young kids getting a spring break when I have to work everyday. I just try to remember that they are not getting paid for it. When I get a week off work, I get paid to relax! Aaaahhhh sweet karma! ha.

Erika said...

Just remember that some of us work with 470 kids a day! And need that break....
Though a break isn't all what a you may seem it is. I've had no friends to hang out with and really boring days.
Today it's hanging with my 6 yr. old neice to make up for the lost time of a week of nothing.
Yes- the relaxing is nice, butI'm ready for work again! Lucky me, I get to go back on my birthday!!!!