Saturday, March 8, 2008

Kids across the world are all the same!

Here is the update on retaliation against the guys. I announced to the kids on Thursday what Kevin and Storm had done to us, and asked for any ideas they might have in our efforts to retaliate. As it turns out, we just had to sit back and watch. And retaliation from the kids was much worse than they would have ever gotten from us!

The guys found out the hard way just how friendly the service is here in Chiang Mai. Luc, one of the youth, called in a 4am wake-up call (that they, of course, blamed on us). But niether of them answered the phone. Well, apparently, here at The Empress, if you don't answer your wake-up call, someone personally comes to your door to make sure you are awake! But don't worry, they weren't finished there.

While we were ziplining as a team, taking afternoon siestas, and enjoying dinner out, the youth were busy at work. Apparently, while the service at the Empress is outstanding, security might not be so great. Several of the youth boys, with the help of a non-Bethany adult, bartered for a raw fish in the market. They then came back to the hotel and requested a room key for Kevin and Storm's room. The fish was delicately placed underneath one of their pillows to await their arrival from shopping after dinner. Hilarious, yes. A little mean, possibly. Totally worth announcing it to the kids, definitely. It turned into youth camp at its best! And the best part is that we never actually had to do anything to retaliate!

So, we're down to about 7 hours before we leave for the airport. Most of the kids and their families have left already, but a few are floating around, so we are slowly saying goodbye. It's hard to believe we will be home tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

welcome home! You looked a bit tired this afternoon.
talk to you soon.

Danell said...

call me!!!!

Andrew said...

"They then came back to the hotel and requested a room key for Kevin and Storm's room."

You weren't kidding when you said that the security isn't very strong.