Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Think Spring

This week has been full of rainy, gloomy days that have been cold. But today the sun came out and I realized that there is hope that spring is on the way. Well, in honor of spring, I thought I would post some flower pictures. Anyone who has been around me and my camera knows that for whatever reason, I like to take close-ups of flowers. Well, just so you all know, none of these pictures were taken by me (I think Kevin had my camera at the time because I was on baby duty, so I might have directed him to take something with my camera, but I didn't actually take them : )!) After the elephant show, we took the kids to a butterfly garden and these are some of the flowers that were at the garden. They were beautiful! My picture on the sidebar was also taken at the butterfly garden. Enjoy thinking spring with me!


Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful. Yes, spring must be coming and I can't wait for flip flop weather!! I love the picture of you in front of the flowers. How about getting me a copy of it? Love you

Erika said...

I heard some snow is in the forecast.. Sorry to burst your bubble about spring.

Anonymous said...

lucky for you the snow went north... WE can enjoy some warmer temp.