Sunday, March 2, 2008

Marshmallow Head

I'm curious to see if anyone is checking my blog while I am gone! I think the jet lag has hit more today than yesterday. One lady here called it "marshmallow head." That's kind of what I'm feeling. Sometimes someone will say something and I hear something completely different. Or I can't quite come up with a really common word. I'm pushing through today and hoping to get great rest tonight before our week really gets busy (tomorrow is our first day with the kids).

Hope all is going well at home!


Anonymous said...

Home update:
All is well. The memorial service Friday night was really nice but hard to get through. Josh struggled. Got to visit with Jessie some. That was good. Got out of Dodge today with a family road trip...great Amish food and shopping in Tuscola. Prayers for a calm week this week for us and a fruitful week for you! Love and miss you, family forsberg

Whitney said...

Whitney and I are checking your blog! Praying for you and the team!

Danell said...

I am praying for you!!!!

Andrew said...

we are praying for you while you are over there. looking forward to hearing all the exciting travel stories when you get back.