Friday, March 21, 2008

Signs, Signs, Everywhere are Signs

I have this weird obsession with signs. They make me laugh. So, my pictures from Thailand reflect that. The fun with a lot of the Thailand signs is that a lot of them have Thai on them (duh!). Here are a few...

This was on the bathroom mirror in our hotel. Instructions on what to do with your towel each day.
I'm really not sure what a stupa is, but the name cracked me up, so I took a picture!
This one was a joke for my mom. I missed taking a picture of the sign right next to it that said "Safety First." It was a construction area where they were renovating a pagoda.
Sprite was my staple drink of the week since they didn't have Dr. Pepper.
Yes, they had 7-11 in Thailand. We went there a couple of times.

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