Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I got to ride an ELEPHANT!

On Day 4 with the kids, our afternoon activity consisted of an elephant show and ride at an elephant park about 30 minutes away. The elephant show was really cool. The elephants played soccer, played the harmonica, and painted, among other things.

Here is one of the elephants painting a picture of an elephant. The elephants did all the work themselves, but the trainers actually dipped the paintbrushes for them.
Here are all the pictures the elephants painted during our show. It's sad to think that an elephant can paint better than I can!
Here is me, Lauren, and Hannah riding an elephant (in case you were wondering what the thing with the long nose is). I enjoyed the ride, but must admit that I was preoccupied with the baby in my lap. She was amazing on the ride, but going downhill on an elephant with just a bar to keep you in your seat is a little scary when the 1 1/2 year old keeps slipping down your legs!
Here is our final trek to the stand where we would get off the elephant. Hannah is demonstrating the proper way to hold on to the bar so she doesn't fall off.


stormhuse said...

I don't think I would have believed that the elephants really painted those pictures had I not seen it myself. Pretty crazy...

Andrew said...

are you trying to play a trick on us by convincing us that those elephants painted that picture? did they really paint those pictures?

it reminds me of The Office episode where they have a historical guest speaker that dresses up and pretends to be Ben Franklin. Jim tells Dwight that it is the real Ben Franklin, not an impersonator. Dwight responds by saying "I am 99% sure that is not the real Ben Franklin"

I am 99% sure that elephants cannot draw pictures like that.