Monday, July 20, 2009

4 years later

So, I debated for a while whether to blog this story or not, but it's too fun to pass up (and I don't think that the friend, who shall remain anonymous, that it is about will be upset that I shared it!). I received a voice mail this morning that my friend had sent me a package and to be expecting it. She also said that it actually had a funny story to it. So I get home this evening and my package is waiting for me. I open it up and find a pair of the cutest turtle pajamas ever. But, just in case you can't tell or surmise from the snowflake on the pocket, they are flannel and it is July!

So, I open the note that came with the gift and it says "Merry Christmas! So I finally managed to deliver this Christmas gift that I bought for you about 4 years ago :) For a while I couldn't find a box. Then I had a box, but had lost the gift. Now that we've reorganized the house, the gift showed up again." I laughed out loud because this is a typical story in the life of this friend! And I vaguely remember talking to her on the phone several Christmas's ago when she told me that she had a present for me. Of course, I was excited, but I even vaguely remember either telling or thinking to myself, "But when will I actually get this present?" And now I have the answer...4 years later! But it was worth the wait. And if I wasn't so darn warmblooded, I might actually be able to sleep in them with the unseasonably cool weather we are having this July.
Thank you so much to my incredibly thoughtful, if not a little scatter-brained and slightly afraid of the post office, friend! You know who you are :) And if you want to reveal yourself, just leave a comment!


Mom said...

How cute the p.j.'s are. I think I know who it is~~~she did a good job picking out a gift for you!

Hols said...

Yay! Yay! Yay! SO glad they came to you. After the life of that gift I thought there was a good chance they'd get lost in the mail!!!