Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Random bullet points and a quote

I have a bunch of random statements to make. None of which are important. None of which go together, so it's time for a random list.
  • I now have access to facebook through two different independent sources :). I wish I could see your faces right now because I know how much this is annoying so many people!!
  • When did the corn get SO HIGH! It seems like just yesterday we were worrying that the farmers were never going to get to plant the corn because it was raining so much.
  • I think I only had two eye twitches today! Which is nice because they got a lot worse yesterday.
  • I drove over 200 miles in my car today.
  • I can't do math. Actually, my last bullet point was supposed to be "I have posted as many times on my blog as there are days in a year." And then I laughed at myself and decided to bullet "I have posted as many times on my blog as there are days in a year minus five." You figure out the rest...

And now a fun client story. I had a last session today with a 7 year old who I have been seeing for one and a half years. She wanted to paint a piece of pottery, so we did that and then she wanted to glue some beads on it. After locating the glue, I was shaking it because it was coming out really watery. I PROMISE I closed the top, but all of a sudden, I felt something wet on my cheek. Once we realized it was glue, my client started giggling uncontrollably! Lucky for her, I was laughing to. She continued to giggle while I went to the bathroom to clean my face. She continued to giggle while she tried to tell Stephanie the story of what happened. Ten minutes later, project back in hand, we are working quietly and she announces, "I am still laughing on the inside!" Then, while we were driving home, I realized that I had glue in my hair and she started laughing again, stating, "I am laughing on the inside and outside!" It was kind of a bittersweet moment, because she has made so much progress but I don't want to stop seeing her because she is a joy to be around!

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Mom said...

Feel good about all you have done for her in the past year and a half. Isn't nice to have those "laughing on the inside" moments?