Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

It was an amazing birthday. Partly just a normal day (which I really liked)--going to church and lunch afterward, hanging out at my dad's house by the pool (actually by myself because they were gone for the day!). Partly a day all about me! Which of course I liked! :)

A couple of months ago I put Kari in charge of planning my birthday party. I definitely wanted to do something for my 30th birthday but I didn't really want to plan anything. She did a fabulous job! Pictures will definitely follow, but she did Teresa Trivia, had a wall of pictures of me that she collected from a lot of different people, my kind of music playing in the background, some of my favorite snacks, a memory book (if you weren't at the party and want to sign the book, just let me know!), and Kristi made me an amazing turtle cake (definitely will put the pictures up of that!). I had lots of fun! It was a great way to celebrate the beginning of my 30th year!

Now who's ready to countdown to number 31?!


Mom said...

So glad you had a happy day! Thanks for being you! Love you~~~~

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Teresa! Glad you had a great day!