Monday, July 27, 2009

Funny weekend story

I don't know if this will translate as funny written down, but this story took on a mind of it's own this weekend which continues to make me laugh. When I first got to Chicago I went over to my grandma's house. Now, my grandma knows everything that is going on in the family so she is an excellent source of information. One of my cousins graduated from college in May and is now working in the real world. I asked grandma what he is driving these days. Here is how the conversation went:
Me: What's Nate driving these days?
Grandma: His car (I had a "Duh" moment but decided I shouldn't say it out loud to my grandma. Pat on the back for respecting my elders)
Me: Yes, but what has he been driving.
Grandma: He bought a new car just before he graduated.
Me: What kind of car did he get?
Grandma: A blue one.
End conversation.

Fast forward several hours. I have already recounted the story to my mom and my cousin Michele. I am driving us to the mall to meet several other family members for dinner. I start to make a turn but a car is coming around the curve so I stop rather suddenly.
Me: Michele, Mom is probably going to say something about my driving.
Mom: No, I was actually going to say that I thought that was Nate that you almost hit.
Me: Oh, Nate drives an Impala?
Mom: No, but that was a blue car. (Seriously, does he drive the only blue car in Chicago?!)

Fast forward to dinner and I recount the grandma conversation and mom conversation to everyone else at dinner (including my cousin Nate). Everyone laughs. I am a good story teller. I forget to ask and no one volunteers what kind of car Nate actually drives.

Fast forward to Saturday afternoon. Mom and I are about to pull into grandma's driveway.
Mom: Oh, you should go into the house and tell Nate you like his blue car.
Me: That's Nate's car in the driveway?
Mom: Yes.
Me (after not-so-close inspection): You mean he drives a Civic? Like me?! No one in all the story telling could remember that we drive the same car????
Mom: I guess not.

Fast forward to inside the house. I recount that conversation to my cousin Nate.
His response: But you drive a hybrid.

End of story. I am still laughing. My family makes me laugh.

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Mom said...

Well, at least we know our colors!