Friday, July 24, 2009

A Very Family Post

Yesterday was my little (and by little I mean 5'5" younger sister) sister's 15th birthday!!! When I arrived at the house for her party, she was watching home videos of herself as a 1 year old. Boy was she a cute baby. She also got her learner's permit yesterday, so look out world! :) It's so weird to think of her being old enough to drive. But apparently she is and I just have to face facts. She was making me laugh though because she was the same old Daynah :)! Giggling her way through opening presents, pointing out that she was taller than me, repeating things over and over and over and over just to see if I would keep responding, and attaching herself to my hip because she loves me so much (well, at least I think she does). I don't know how much I have mentioned it, but I love being a big (and by big I mean a 4'11 1/2" older sister) sister. God blessed me through my younger siblings and I cannot wait to see the woman He is going to turn Daynah into.

I took today off in order to head up to Chicago a little early to spend time with my family. My cousin is in town from Maryland, another cousin is having a brunch on Sunday for his college graduation, and I realized that I haven't been up to see my mom since Christmas! So, it will be a fun time of spending time with family and being able to catch up. And shopping because I can't go to see my mom without shopping (she even told me that my grandma said I must need some new things because we shop every time I go to see her!). Anyway, I need to get going so that I actually get there early and not right during rush hour!


Stephanie said...

It's so hard to believe Daynah is 15! Hope you enjoyed the time with your family!

Anonymous said...

Daynah is driving? Whoa!! Hard to imagine. My two little sisters are coming to TX this weekend. It is pretty freaky how quickly they grow up. They work and drive!!