Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dressing for the weather inside or outside?

This is a dilemma whatever season it is, but this week it has been a fun mix because I've added a third category: dressing for just in case I drive my car into a ditch. :)

Many of you know I am very warm-blooded. The joke at church is that I wear short sleeves to church year round and even in the winter it is me and the pregnant ladies that are fanning ourselves because we are hot (no, I am not pregnant!). This presents unique challenges when getting dressed in the morning.

I moved to a new office building in July. I had heard horror stories about the temperature during the winter. The building has old radiator heat, and my office is on the third floor, which is basically an attic. Sometimes it gets to be approximately 231.7 degrees. We have had the two tiny windows open while it is snowing outside on several occasions. But, I am also in and out of my car all day seeing kids.

With the inclement (I love this word, though I'm not sure why) weather this week, this has been my thinking. Dress in layers. So, Tuesday I wore a long sleeve shirt with a button down sweater (that I never ended up wearing because even in my car I was hot). But the thought was also, "well, if I hit some snow or ice and end up in a ditch, I'll want this extra layer until help comes to get me." So, extra layers have been the norm the past two days.

However, this afternoon, my client cancelled so I was home before going to church (normally I pack my change of clothes for AWANA and take it with me in the morning). I am ALWAYS hot at church on Wednesday night because I am constantly running around. So I only wear my short sleeve AWANA shirt and tennis shoes. Since I was home, I decided to change into my AWANA clothes before going to church. While putting on my tennis shoes, I decided to change my socks to ankle socks because my feet often get warm too. Wow, this story is getting long and boring...just wait, it'll have a big ending! While I was driving to church I thought, "Oops, I hope I don't drive into any ditches because I am definitely not dressed for sitting in a ditch for any length of time!" But I was very comfortable while I was at church and was glad I didn't have on any additional layers.

And then I found ten dollars! :)


Anonymous said...

I miss my fellow warm blooded friend. Have had temperature wars at work. The ladies who have desks by the Windows get the heat turned up and at my desk it gets up to 80 degrees!!


Mom said...

I'm tired of dressing in layers. I sit by a big window and the cold air comes in all day. Have even brought a blanket to cover my legs when I get too cold. I'm ready for spring!

Ann said...

My office is so cold that I wear sweaters, sit 2 inches in front of a blasting space heater, and drink hot tea...year round! Even when it was 90 degrees for 3 months last summer I still did this bc our air conditioning is set at like 20 degrees all summer. Maybe we should switch offices! :)