Saturday, January 15, 2011

Explanation/ Scripture Saturday

I realized, that if people may really pay attention to the things I update on my blog, they might be kind of confused by my new reading list. I am currently reading 2 Kings in a Teresa-made Read Through the Bible plan. This is my 3rd time (possibly 4th) reading through the Bible. It's something I enjoy doing, and the first time I did it, I followed a read through the Bible in a year plan. Even then, I knew it might be a hard thing to do because I am a stickler for following rules most of the time. So, I decided to read at my own pace. That way I wouldn't be upset if I didn't get done in one year. I have kind of kept that up and have used my own plans since than. All of that to say, I'm not an overachiever who is already in 1 Kings, it's just that I started this particular plan sometime last year. Funny, I didn't even write down when I started, so I won't even know in the end how long it took! :)

Also, I add a "what I'm memorizing" category. I am doing Beth Moore's 24-Scripture memory plan this year and will update what I'm memorizing on the 1st and 15th of every month. I did something like her plan in my Sunday School class and found that I enjoyed the discipline, so I decided to officially join Beth Moore's team this year. I am very excited because Danell is doing it with me, so I have some real, live accountability going as well. I have found a good time to memorize and review is when I am at the gym (yes, I did say gym) on the bike. I haven't actually tried reviewing on the treadmill, but I'm guessing it would be easy as well.

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