Monday, January 24, 2011

Having someone else to take care of

Has been interesting! A good interesting.

My sister came into town on Saturday. I have been looking forward to this trip, but also stressing about it just a little bit. While I lived with my family for two years, Daynah and I have never spent this much time alone together. :) After I moved out of the house we did a few things together for an afternoon, but we've never been the spend the night, spend hours alone together type of sisters.

Saturday night I took her and a friend to the ice skating rink. I had one of my friends meet me there so that I would have someone to skate with too (thanks Kinsey!).

Sunday we went to church and than hung out and played games. There isn't much to do in Peoria in the winter and there are no movies out that I would take her to see.

This morning Daynah had an ortho appointment and then we went to turn my paperwork in at work. Afterward, we were discussing what we were going to do and Daynah actually had an opinion and voiced it (up to this point I had been getting a lot of "I don't know." or "I don't care."). So we went to PCS so she could say hi to Mrs. Bachman and then I followed her around while she went to see another teacher and surprise some friends. Afterward we came home so that I can shower before we went to get something for lunch. We went to Subway. I tried the new Caesar sandwich. The jury's still out on whether I liked it or not. I'll have to get it one more time to decide. Home again and we hung out at the house. Played some games and than watched a movie. I just finished cooking us dinner. Now I don't know what we'll do.

Tomorrow is my last day with her. I drop her off at PCS on Wednesday morning and than she is spending the next week and a half with various friends. She will come back to my house the day she leaves for a few hours. I was lucky to be able to take today and tomorrow off so that I could spend the time with her. I'm liking that I will only have three days of work the rest of the week :).

In other news (if you can call it that!), Emily and I finished the first season of NCIS yesterday. We were discussing season two. Emily knows that Kate gets shot at the end of season two because I told her that a long time ago. But I forgot that I hadn't mentioned who did it (and was actually being intentional about not telling her) and I accidentally let it slip. Reminds me of the time Danell was reading a series of books after me and she asked me if one of the characters dies at the end of the books. I didn't want to tell her, but she kept asking me. So, instead I lied to her (although I felt like I said it sarcastically indicating the lie). She got to the end of the book and because I had told her the character didn't die (and apparently she thought I was a very honest person) she thought it was just a dream of one of the other characters. She did not like me very much when I had to tell her that the character had really died and she would find out in the last book of the series that it was true. :) Thank goodness our friendship withstood this pivotal moment!


Ann said...

I'm glad you are having fun together! :)

Mom said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. Enjoy your time together.