Saturday, January 29, 2011

Random competitive streak is alive and active

I always feel like I follow a serious post (my previous Scripture Saturday post) with something completely nonsensical. In my mind it makes sense to post the serious first, but than it gets buried because the newest post takes precedence. So, please, for my peace of mind, make sure you read the post that came before this one!

I read lots of other blogs, besides writing my own. But this month I noticed something that has seriously disturbed me. :) I have only blogged 10 times this month (this post I'm writing now will be 11). I have a friend with 5 kids who has blogged 12 times. I read a blog (of someone I don't know) who has 9 kids and has blogged 16 times. And I have a friend with 2 kids plus one on the way who has blogged 17 times. This helped to kick in my random competitive streak. How can they blog more than me? They have to have a lot less time on their hands than I do! The game is on! :) Which is why I have posted more in the last week than I have in a long time, although I still am not motivated enough to beat any of them, apparently. And it's not like they know they are in a competition with me. My one saving grace is that I'm pretty sure with 5, 9, and almost 3 kids, they have a lot more interesting things to blog about than I do!

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Jill (the blogger) said...

Now that I know we are in competition...bring it! Just posted again today :)(Of course, what does that say about me that I've posted so much? Probably that I am a major procrasintor of things I SHOULD be doing!)