Saturday, January 1, 2011

Seeing is Believing

I'm bucking my own reservations about blogging out of order today. :) And I'll probably give you a hodge podge of information in no particular order.

The first of which is that I am currently sitting here with mostly dry hair. Why is this important, you ask? Because I was mindlessly blowdrying my hair this morning when sparks started flying out of the hairdryer pretty close to my hand. So I did what any sane person would do...I threw it down and ran! :) Only half true. I did drop it as fast as I could and than I stared at it for a few minutes just in case it was going to jump at me or turn into a fire breathing dragon. So, now I'm sitting here wondering what I am going to do to dry my hair today and tomorrow because I'm guessing I'm not going to get to a store today to buy a hair dryer.

Anyway, next things next (and the real reason I got on here). I am a great fan of the phrase "seeing is believing." I think it might somehow be part of my love language. I love to see people in their environments. It has always been this way. I can remember when my mom switched jobs while I was still in school. I couldn't wait to see her new office because it was important to me to be able to picture her sitting at her desk when I called her on the phone. Same thing when friends move or switch churches. I can't wait to visit them in their new environments so that I can experience their lives with them. When Dad and Amy moved to Arizona I asked them to take lots of pictures of their new house so that I could see where they live. They did, but than they moved a month later. That is one of the reasons I chose to go to Arizona at Christmas. I wanted to see them in this new environment that was so foreign to me. I got to experience life when they are "on" in a house full of 8 boys and all that that entails. I got to see their apartment off the main house. I got a tour of Sunshine Acres and met many of the people they work with. I got to drive the streets and go on a Circle K run (something my dad does almost every day). Yes, I got to do some touristy stuff as well, but that was not the most important thing for me on my trip. I even got to take a picture of Josh sitting at his desk at school (he attends school on campus). Somehow, this helps me to understand more of what they are doing, picture them when I am talking on the phone with them, or even knowing where Daynah is most likely sitting with the laptop when she is IMing me. It makes me feel a little bit closer to them.

But it also makes me think of the Bible story where Thomas would not believe Jesus had risen from the dead until he touched the scars in Jesus' hands and side. It makes me think I might have been like Thomas. But in my walk with Christ, I am asked to walk by faith, believing in what I cannot see. And I am so thankful, that in this area of my life, I get to experience faith in the unseen God of the universe, knowing that one day, He will call me to my home in heaven where I will be able to behold Him and walk with Him and worship Him in a way that none of my imaginations can fathom! How exciting it that!

But, now, really, what should I do about the hairdryer? :)

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Ann said...

Thanks for an uplifting post on an otherwise dreary Monday morning. :)