Saturday, July 2, 2011

Clash of the Birthday Rules

Last year, I gave a full list of birthday rules that I have. To read them, check this out. Now, the problem is, not everyone has the same birthday rules. And what do you do when your birthday rules don't match up to say, your roommate's birthday rules? Stubbornness. Staring contests. Planned ignoring. And lots of endless conversation back and forth where neither person will budge. But don't worry. I have the advantage. :) In this case, the copy of the recipe.

Emily has been adamantly opposed to me making the dessert for my own birthday. In most instances, I would agree. But this year, I just don't think it makes sense. I am doing almost nothing the next two days, and my party is not until 7pm tomorrow night. Emily on the other hand, worked A LOT this week, is going to be at her parents' house most of the weekend, has a sister visiting from Colorado, has a sister visiting from Chicago, and is co-hosting a baby shower for the Colorado sister. So, we had our first "argument" about the birthday dessert last weekend where she informed me that I was not allowed to make my own birthday dessert. I strategically dropped the subject, realizing in my head that if I didn't mention it again, she might forget :). Except today I forgot that I was not mentioning it and said something about buying ingredients. To which Emily said, "Oh, yeah, I thought I was making your dessert." And I said, "Yes, you thought you were making my dessert." I than revisited the reasons it was not practical for her to make it. I explained that it was a new recipe that I really want to make myself because I like new recipes. I reminded her of all the things that are on her plate. I reminded her that I had already shopped for all the ingredients. We stared each other down. She protested some more. I nodded my head sympathetically. I reminded her that she needed to be going.

Now, frankly, normally I would agree with her birthday rule. In general, the birthday girl should not have to make her own cake. But it just didn't seem practical. And it's not a clear cut rule in my book. So, I'll be making my own birthday cake and I'll be perfectly okay with it. Emily, on the other hand, might not ever be on speaking terms with me again :) (Especially after she reads this post). But she knows I love her!

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