Thursday, July 21, 2011

Virgin hair and other miscellaneousness

This summer at work I have been leading a girls' self-esteem group for 9-11 year old girls. Today there were 4 girls and at the beginning of group we played a therapeutic version of Jenga. There are four different colors and a card with questions for each color. Each card has a "make up a question" category (if you pull the right color for that card). Apparently the "make up a question" category became "make up a question to specifically ask Teresa." The girls answered some questions that were actually relevant to group, but here are some of the conversations we had today based on the "make up a question for Teresa" cards:

Client: How old ARE you? (Previous to this I had told them I was older than 30 but would not tell them a specific age, which apparently did not satisfy this particular client)
Me: Older than 30.
Client: No, really. How old are you exactly? My stepmother and I were trying to figure out how old you are [interesting that they sit around and discuss my age when I am not there! At least I know its not out of sight, out of mind!]. Because we think you might be the same age as my dad.
Me: I'm actually older than your dad. (and than as she started calculating in her head, I decided to have pity on her). I'm actually only a few weeks older than your dad.

Client: How tall are you?
Me: 4' 11 1/2".
Client: I'm exactly 5' 1".
Me: Mmmhmmm.

Client: How much do you weigh?
Me: That is a personal question that you should not ask a woman.
Client: I weigh 95 pounds!

This is my favorite conversation. I'm not sure who said what or in what order, but it went something like this:
Client A: Have you ever died your hair?
Me: No.
Client A: Oh, that's why you have gray in your hair.
Client B: You mean NEVER! Not even in high school?
Me: No, I have never died my hair. But I do have lots of gray.
Client A: It's not really gray, its more like silver. It's kind of like having tinsel in your hair!
Me: Yep, just like having tinsel in my hair. :)

Client A: Do you have any kids?
Me: No.
Client A: Are you married?
Me: No.
Client B: How many boyfriends have you had?
Me: That is also a personal question. But, on second thought, I will answer it.

And then I tied some of these conversations back to self-esteem, talking about what women perceive as low/high self-esteem based on how many boyfriends they have had or whether they are in a relationship...

Nothing like being put in your place and having some self-disclosure forced on you by a few pre-adolescent girls!

Next time you see me, check out the tinsel in my hair!


Mom said...

I love the comment about "tinsel" in your hair. That is pretty cute! Oh, the fun questions kids ask! Sounds like you handled it all very well!

Ann said...

Tinsel hair - love it! I wish I had pretty tinsel like you an your mom. I have bride of Frankenstein gray, lol!

I applaud you for handling the questions so gracefully. I am especially happy to hear you teach girls that their self-esteem should not be tied to a man or being in a relationship. A lot of adult women could benefit from that advice!