Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm officially an adult!

It hit me last night that I finally, with the passing of this birthday, reached adulthood. And it made me sigh. And giggle. And think fondly of my sister. And than miss her. Don't you just love the emotions a girl can go through in a few short minutes!

Daynah most likely does not remember this conversation at all, except for how often I remind her of it, but when she was about 6, which would have made me 21, she informed me that I wouldn't be an adult until I was 32! At the time I was just fine with that. 32 seemed so far away and frankly, it seemed like a good idea to wait 11 more years to be an adult. :) But now, here I am, a full-fledged adult. I guess that means I should start doing adult things. Being responsible. Earning my keep. Doing chores instead of lounging around and reading a book. Oh, wait, I'm on vacation. I think I'll wait to be an adult until Monday :)

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Ann said...

And to think of all the adult, responsible things I did from ages 18 to 32. Who knew I didn't have to act like an adult all that time? ;) Welcome to adulthood!