Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Reasons why I would rather it be 10 below outside

I know at least half of the people who read this will think I'm crazy and may even curse at me for posting this! :) But I just figure my opinion needs to be stated. So, in true Teresa fashion I shall compose a list of why freezing cold is better than boiling hot.

1. For the most part I can always put on more clothing if I am cold. Can't so much take more off if I am hot.
2. Cold doesn't make me nauseous.
3. Cold doesn't make me tired.
4. Cold doesn't give me a low-grade headache all day long.
5. The heater in my work building can keep up with the cold (when it's working properly) but the window air conditioning unit in the third floor attic window cannot even begin to touch the 100 degree temperatures, thus making it feel like the heat is on in the building.
6. In general, cold doesn't make me cranky.
7. I don't have to shave my legs every day when it is cold outside.

The only things I can think of that they have in common is that in either extreme I sometimes find it difficult to breathe outside and that they both make me get horrible gas mileage.

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Mom said...

Now, aren't you the one who has always told me just to make the best of the weather? Personally, I really don't like it to be this hot but would rather this than 24 inches of snow. Just don't like driving in the snow! :) I'll bet if it was the dead of winter, and asked if you would like the heat or snow, most people at that time would say the heat.
Come visit me, if I sit on the couch and the air kicks on, I sit under a blanket because it is cold! :) Love you, Teresa