Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's time for a little randomness :)

It's been a while since I made a random list of things, so here goes:

1. I just sat down to eat a healthy snack of apples (from our trip to Tanners last weekend). But just as I was finishing cutting up the apple, I spied the candy corn on the counter. And that is when I discovered that if you take a bite of apple and a bite of candy corn, it's almost the same as eating a taffy apple. Thus rendering my healthy snack not so healthy. But very tasty!

2. My car passed 90,000 miles this week. It will be five at the end of the year. Yikes!

3. I felt like the kindergartners who get notes pinned to them to take home to their parents this week. I have been so forgetful and I feel like I should just keep a constant notepad with me so I can write notes like, "Teresa, you are walking into the kitchen to get a drink of water." or "Teresa, you just walked down two flights of stairs at work so that you could make a copy of a treatment plan from your client's file." or "Teresa, you are driving to Client A's house." It has been a very forgetful week.

4. I heard on the radio this week that body temperature changes often cause nightmares or vivid dreams. I am the queen of the vivid dream. This week I had a dream that I went with a group of friends to see a movie and I took my nephew with me. I also took the booster seat I keep in my car into the theater with me. Except it wasn't for John, it was for me. But when John started standing in his seat to see over the person in front of him, I felt like I had to give him the booster seat. And I may have been a little irritated because than I couldn't see over the really tall person sitting in front of me. Wow, just writing that makes me feel like a really selfish person.

5. I've been comment-less for over four posts now. So, I'll send out my usual, pathetic, woe is me, plea for some comments. I like your comments. As much as I like writing on my blog! :)

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Ann said...

I will print your blog and pin it to my clothes as a reminder to comment. ;)