Friday, September 16, 2011

The wires in my brain might be slightly misalligned

I had pancakes for dinner tonight. The back of the box gives instructions on how to make 6-7 pancakes. But, at most, I only eat 4-5 pancakes. Now, it has not occurred to me until now, that I could try to make less of the batter. Mostly because I am a recipe follower. And I'm not going to make all 7 and save 2 for later because, let's face it, I would never eat them. But, it's a good thought, Mom (since I knew that would be your suggestion). But, here's where the misfire in the brain occurs. I feel less bad about throwing away the leftovers when it is the batter and not the actual pancake. Usually I make 6. I have no problem washing the batter down the sink. But I always feel kind of bad about throwing away that leftover pancake.

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