Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Night

Considering yesterday was the third day in a row that I thought it was Thursday, I'd say it was a long week. Not a bad week. Just long. I expected it since it was my first 5 day week in a month, but I was glad to bid goodbye to this work week. Emily is out of town for the weekend, so I had a quiet evening at home (that makes it sound like she makes the apartment noisy, which she doesn't).  All day long I had dreams of starting a puzzle and drinking hot chocolate.  A movie for background noise is usually on the agenda as well.  It was a tough choice, but I decided on The Proposal.
I was still going strong on the puzzle at the end of The Proposal, so I stuck with a theme, and put in Miss Congeniality.  Here is my progress on the puzzle at the end of two movies:
Not bad.  Now, I must part ways with the puzzle (not an easy task for me).  Sometimes puzzles are a start to finish in one sitting task because I think, "I'll just find one more piece."  But tonight I am falling asleep sitting up, so I think it is time to get this body to bed.

But it was a good night to end the week.  And an entry into the blessing jar: movie, hot chocolate, and a puzzle!  Good night all!

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