Saturday, January 12, 2013

Unexpected *treasures*

Today I decided to have a Dr. Pepper for lunch.  When I went into the fridge to grab the next can in the 12 pack, it came out kind of sticky. "Hmmm...that's weird," I thought.  Being a naturally curious person, I looked at the shelf and saw something equally as sticky.  I quickly figured that a can must have leaked and closed the fridge to enjoy my lunch :).  After lunch, I pulled the next can out to find it empty but not opened.  Oh. No.  The bottom of the cardboard was soaked and the shelf was pretty dirty.  When I pulled out the drawer, I found where all the Dr. Pepper had gone:

DISGUSTING!  So, I had the unexpected punishment joy of cleaning out the refrigerator.  I'll be honest, I almost stopped after cleaning this mess, but then decided the satisfaction of a job well done would be worth it.  The irony of it all...last weekend, Emily suggested we do a refrigerator clean out and I told her we had to take all the Christmas stuff down.  I only wanted to commit to one of those projects.  So, of course, when I discovered this mess, Emily is out of town for the weekend and I had the joy of doing it  She'll be pleasantly surprised to be able to cross that chore off her to do list!  Here is the finished project:
A slightly less cluttered and extremely shiny refrigerator!  Because of this joyous project, I have only gotten this much further on the puzzle today:
But I'm making pretty good progress!

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