Saturday, January 26, 2013

Headache free!

Sometime in the fall I started getting headaches more frequently, including migraines, which I had never gotten.  My headaches were of a different variety than they had been in the past, so I started tracking them on a scale (pressure headache, regular headache, migraine), time of day I got them, and time of day they went away if they went away before bed.  Yesterday I realized I had been headache free for one week!  As I was looking back through my calendar, I also realized that the last time I had gone that long without a headache was the middle of December.  I am rejoicing in the lack of headaches, but must admit that I am also going through my days with a waiting-for-the-other-shoe-to-drop feeling.  Sometimes I wake up and think, "I bet I'll get a headache today."  Hopefully these thoughts will go away and the headaches will continue to be infrequent!


Mom said...

I hope you stay headache free also! Good idea about tracking them though!

Erika said...

prayers for you! I've been tracking my eye problems for quite some time- and it's not been fun. But at least I've controlled the last 2, and they went away in a day.