Friday, June 21, 2013

3rd 1/2 Annual Cheesy Christmas Movie Night

Why 3rd 1/2 you might be asking? Well, the obvious answer is, why not?!?!  But the real answer is one of the founding members of Cheesy Christmas Movie Night is moving.  And she wanted to have one more celebration before she left.  And who doesn't like Christmas any time of year?  Exactly what we thought.  And, of course, we went over the top for this particular 1/2. :)  The first dilemma was how would we ever find a cheesy Christmas movie in June.  We normally buy one at the store.  So, we had resigned ourselves to watching a movie that we had watched in previous years.  However, Emily, Joanne, and I were not okay with that.  So then we realized we could find movies on netflix.  But none of us are in the 21st century enough to be able to hook our computer to our television.  And then, wonder upon wonders, we realized that the library probably has Christmas movies (although this turned out to be our final dilemma--we ended up with five choices).
The table set up with the five choices.  Since we couldn't really have a Christmasy dessert, I made cotton candy cookies and put them on a Christmas plate.  Although, Joanne found Mexican ice cream that was eggnog flavored.  Go Joanne!  Our five movie choices were: Christmas Angel, Gift of the Magi, Moonlight and Mistletoe, The Christmas Pageant, and Noel.
Because we had more than one choice, we had to re-institute the secret ballot voting from the 2nd Annual Cheesy Christmas Movie Night.  Except with a more elaborate system because there were so many choices.  First round, everyone voted for their two top choices and put them in the ornament candy jar.
But there was a three-way tie for Noel, Moonlight and Mistletoe, and The Christmas Pageant.  I couldn't believe it, as evidenced by the above picture.  So then we had to vote again.  One vote per person for the three movies.
It came down to the last vote as to whether it would be a two-way tie for Moonlight and Mistletoe or The Christmas Pageant.  Very intense.  And it was a two way tie.  So that is when the not so secret ballot voting came in.
Becky was the only one who voted for Noel, so she got to choose which movie we watched. She chose based on the pictures on the back of the cases.  And The Christmas Pageant won!  Yay!
Group picture with all the movie selections and goodies (ice cream, cookies, and popcorn).  And how do you like the snowman angel on top of the tree! :)
The ambiance of a movie with the Christmas tree for the only light.  Notice it is still light outside...that was a little weird because it gets dark a lot earlier in the winter!
Enjoying the cheese factor in the movie.  We were discussing favorite lines.  One of the best was "I felt a shiver in my leg!"
But my personal favorite came from the crowd.  One of the lines in the movie was, "Christmas only comes once a year." and Emily said, "Or twice." :)

After the movie, everyone helped de-decorate the tree and put the room back together.  But we all agreed that the 3rd 1/2 Annual Cheesy Christmas Movie Night was a success!

P.S. You can click the links to view the blog posts for the 2nd Annual Cheesy Christmas movie night (link above) and the 3rd Annual Cheesy Christmas Movie Night.  There was no post for the 1st Annual.

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